From the creative team of Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch Movie), Joe Dietl (Mom, Maron) and Ben Zook (Jack and Jill) comes “Where the Bears Are” a comedy mystery web series that has accumulated over 40 MILLION VIEWS since it’s premiere in 2012 and won the “BEST GAY WEB SERIES” award from Afterelton.com. The show has a world-wide fan base and the creators/stars have been flown to Europe, Australia, and Mexico due to the show's immense popularity!

Season 6 follows the exploits of four gay bear roommates living together in Los Angeles as one of them is framed for the murder of a beloved TV star, while another is stalked by a former lover, and another tries to stop the assassination of a foreign dignitary! The season consists of 16 episodes posted every Monday and Thursday. Season 6 is a romp through LA that features climactic, nail-biting set pieces in a courtroom, the mountains of Big Bear, and a scenic rooftop of an office building!

Featuring guest appearances by Jennifer Elise Cox (The Brady Bunch Movie), Peter Hulne (Elf and Anchorman) and Lou Dimaggio (Curb Your Enthusiasm). The series is designed to appeal to both gay and straight audiences alike and premiered online August 31st, 2017.



  • Rick Copp


  • Joe Dietl


  • Ben Zook


  • Ian Parks


  • Chad Sanders

    Detective Winters

  • George Unda

    Detective Martinez

  • Tim Hooper

    Capt. Frank Coley

  • Scott Beauchemin


  • George Sebastian

    George Ridegmont

  • Crew

    Randall Baier Executive Producer
    Steven Shaw Executive Producer
    Patrice Gremeau Co-Producer
    Sean Nagel Co-Producer
    Vincent Snyder Co-Producer
    Jason Vaughan Associate Producer
    Shane Wiley Associate Producer
    Christopher Neilson Associate Producer
    Adrian Sierkowski Director of Photography
    Ted Enders Director of Photography
    Eduardo Aquino Editor
    David Maddux Composer
    Peter Pappas Casting Director
    Sam Kite Web Producer
    Steve Kirklys Graphic Design
    Ryan Whisenant Visual Effects
    Marcos Butron Jr. Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
    Patrick Williams Jr. Sound Mixer/Boom Operator
    Nate Scott Re-recording Mixer
    Shayne Manfredi Set Design
    Rodney Munoz Special Costumes
    Levi Vieira Make-Up
    Timothy Heape Special Effects Make-up
    Ian Parks Behind the Scenes
    Patrice Gremeau Behind the Scenes
    Dusti Cunningham Photographer
    Bobby Baldanza Crew
    Kevin Balouch Crew
    Ruperto Sanchez Crew
    Philip Masters Crew
    Brie Johnson Crew
    Dave Lefner Artwork
    Pete Doolittle Artwork
    Keith Fraissinet Closed Captioning